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Brooklyn driver runs red light, kills two children; ‘Those kids were ran over like dogs’

Two young children were hit and killed Monday on a Brooklyn street corner when an out-of-control driver ran a red light and sped through a busy intersection, police and witnesses said.
A 4-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy were with their mothers at Ninth St. and Fifth Ave. in Park Slope when they were hit about 12:40 p.m. The victims were identified as Abigail Blumstein and Josh Lew. 
Witnesses said one of the women was pregnant and was critically hurt. The other mother was also injured.
Medics rushed them and a fifth victim to New York Presbyterian Methodist Brooklyn Hospital, but the two children could not be saved.
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Ruth Blumenstein, the mother of the little girl, is theater actress Ruthie Ann Miles, who won the Tony in 2015 for “The King and I.”
“Those two kids were ran over like dogs,” a shell-shocked witness told the Daily News.
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Two children were killed in a horrific accident near Ninth St. and Fifth Ave. in Park Slope.

The driver, Dorothy Bruns, 44, attempted to speed away but was stopped by witnesses on the street, cops said. Police officers took her into custody shortly after the tragic incident.
Two other adults also suffered minor injuries, authorities said.
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Witnesses said the driver dragged the boy’s stroller under her car.
Mayor de Blasio said an investigation is underway.
“For Chirlane and I obviously this is very personal,” the mayor said at City Hall. “It occurred in our neighborhood, very, very close to our home.”
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The driver, who attempted to flee after the accident, is treated by EMS.

“This loss of life is tragic and painful for all of us, particularly those of us who are parents,” de Blasio said.
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“It’s another reminder of why we have to double our efforts on Vision Zero, to work for a day when this never happens to any family. This is an intersection that we happen to know very very well. We have crossed it many times with Dante and Chiara when they were kids, so this is personal. And we are praying for the families who have gone through this tragedy and we will do everything we can to help them.”
Neighbors and strangers left flowers near the intersection to pay tribute to the young victims.
A teddy bear and a candle were placed next to the flowers.
A woman who laid down some roses said her 76-year-old mother and her aunt crossed the street almost at the same time as the victims, walking right in front of them before the white Volvo struck them.
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Ruthie Ann Miles performs in 'The King and I' at the 2015 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 7, 2015 in New York City. Her daughter was killed in the crash. 

Witness Jennifer Muñiz, 28, had just come out of the bank when she saw the white Volvo heading down Ninth St.
When the driver came to the intersection at Fifth Ave., she looked both ways and kept going, even though the light was red, Muñiz recalled.
The car hit several people and plowed over the two children, Muñiz said. The little boy, Josh Lew, was pinned in his stroller under the car and dragged for half a block. His mother, Lauren Lew, was rushed to Methodist Hospital.
The little girl, Abigail Blumenstein, was flat on the pavement in a puddle of blood, a horrified Muñiz recalled.
But the driver didn’t seem too concerned.
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A child's shoe is seen on the pavement at the scene of the accident.

“When they took her out she was just standing there, like nothing,” Muñiz said. “No emotion. Not sad. Not crying. Not asking questions: ‘Is everybody alright?’ Not shaking. Nothing.”
An EMT sat the driver on a stretcher, checked her eyes, and then handed over her purse and phone.
“She was texting on her cell phone like nothing happened, Muñiz said. “Like she had just parked the car.”
Bruns told cops she had a medical condition, according to sources. She was taken to Lutheran Hospital. Relatives said she suffered a seizure while driving.
Debbie LaSalle, a Park Slope resident, was crossing the same intersection when she saw the Volvo speed by.
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A crushed stroller at scene of Monday's crash. 

“It was horrible to watch,” LaSalle, 44, said. “I’m still in shock. The white car was going really fast. The pregnant mother was face down and the baby flew into the street. The stroller was pinned under the car.
“She dragged the stroller and it was pinned under the car,” she added.
“The other baby was pinned under the car. It was something you see in a horror movie.”
Residents have been complaining about the intersection for years.
A pedestrian died at that intersection in February 2016, and there have been 10 traffic injuries at that intersection since 2014, according to city records.
“It’s terrible,” said City Councilman Brad Lander, who represents the area.
“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Of course we should do everything we can to make our intersections safer and we can make this intersection safer for sure. But no intersection redesign was going to keep those kids safe in that intersection when somebody goes straight through a red light.”
Representatives from Transportation Alternatives plan to confront de Blasio about the issue Tuesday at the Park Slope YMCA where he works out.
“We grieve for the loss of two young lives today, which as the mayor has said, underscore the need to continue stepping up the City’s Vision Zero efforts. We will immediately review the area for any safety improvements,” Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Gastel said.